We're looking for experienced technicians to join our repair team!
Job description: Responsible for diagnosing mechanical and electrical problems on all powersports vehicles and boat engines. Have the ability to service, diagnose and repair such vehicles. Be responsible for accurately reporting electrical and mechanical diagnostic results to the service writers. Perform repairs on the following items including, but not limited to: Brakes, engines, transmissions, drive, fuel and intake systems. Perform services such as belt replacements, clutch maintenance, install aftermarket accessories, replacing coolant, transmission / differential fluid and engine oil. Be responsible for locating machine specifications in the provided dealer programs, and be able to apply specifications to the repair and/or service. Accurately communicate repair quotes, findings and updates to customers. Be responsible for maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Clean and detail dealer or customer machines as needed.
Schedule: 30-40 Hours per week
Location: Orientation will take place at 650 N State St Shelley, but we will be locating to 2295 N Yellowstone Highway, Idaho Falls in August. Technicians will then work at our new location in Idaho Falls.

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