Brand new set of Tusk Mud Force Tires. Price incudes two front (25X8-12) and two rear (25X10-12) tires. Contact us for size options.


If you are looking for a great multipurpose trail tire, look no further than the Tusk Mud Force® tire. This tire was designed to have a good mix of open voids for great traction on softer surfaces and stable connected lugs for exceptional handling on harder surfaces. The main tread design has been designed to have constant tread contact with the ground for a smooth ride. The Mud Force® shoulder tread design offers excellent shoulder protection and added grip while making this tire look great. - Great all around tire. - Wide tread voids for excellent traction and good tread cleanout. - Constant tread contact with the ground for a smooth and consistent ride. - Connected tread design for better stability and precise cornering. - 6-ply rated. - 3/4" tread depth.

Tusk Mud Force Tires - ATV